Rome, Italy 2000

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Rome is excellent. There are so many things to see. The Italian people are very friendly. Sometimes as an American you can get ill will in some places, and after we blow the hell out of Iraq everyone's going to hate us.
They have an excellent subway that will take you anywhere in the city. You have to watch out for pickpockets on the subway. All it takes is some cutey with some bazoos to bump into you. You're so taken aback by her antomy you don't notice your wallet is gone.

The food is not as rich as Italian food in the US. The Italian people are quite slim to my surprise. Not a good market for Jenny Craig.

Unfortunately I went to Rome on business with my friend Yoon so my free time was limited. I was only able to see some of the city. The Coliseum and the ruins are really something to see with your own eyes, especially if you like history. The Vatican is interesting too. They have confession booths all over the place, each labeled in a different language.